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When you have an international shipment that must get to its destination on a tight deadline, choose Freight Xpert™. With direct services, your cargo is loaded onto the first available flight without having to be consolidated.Our direct shipping services are a good option for anyone who has a large shipment or needs their cargo to be delivered quickly.

For those shippers who have a slightly longer deadline and are trying to be as cost-effective as possible, we offer consolidated services where cargo from multiple shippers is combined into one load and placed on the same master air waybill. If you're not sure whether a direct shipment is the best choice for you, we'd be happy to talk to you about your shipping needs and help you determine the best method that is best suited to your cargo.

Benefits of Direct Shipping


While consolidated shipping is the most economical type of air freight, it also requires shippers to wait until a plane has enough cargo to make up a full load. When you can't afford to wait, direct provides a faster alternative.

Ideal for Large Loads:

If you have a lot of cargo that you need to move in one shipment, direct may be the best choice, as it gives you more cargo bay space than consolidated shipping.

Good for Cargo That Can't Be Combined:

If you are transporting Dangerous Goods that can't be combined with certain other types of cargo, you may need to use direct. In addition to handling direct orders, Freight Xpert™ will ensure that your hazardous goods are properly documented and compliant with international regulations.

Works with Just-In-Time Manufacturing Model:

If your business uses a lean manufacturing model and you regularly import parts on a strict deadline, direct can help you stay on schedule.

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